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Posted On August 17th, 2012

research paper has a particular format to it. Also, before beginning the research paper you do need to determine whether the paper will be analytical, argumentative or informative. Once you have determined the type of research paper it will be, you will have to follow the format to complete it. You may also order professional help with assignment for your paper if you are not sure on how you should proceed.

A research paper starts from an abstract. Abstract is a summary of about 200 words and it is what the research paper is about. It will cover the purpose of the research paper, the experiment used, the results of the experiment, and the summary. After the paper is written, the summary may need to be revised. A professional assignment help service will take care of these requirements with ease.

Next is the introduction to the research paper. The introduction must cover why your research is important, why you have chosen this subject and why you believe your hypothesis is correct and it must also give the thesis statement of the paper. The thesis should be in depth and detailed, explaining the overall idea of the research.

After the introduction, there are the materials and the methods used to complete the research. You will need to describe the steps that were taken to conduct the experiment. A description of the materials will be needed, but only the uncommon materials that are not every day items. Place more importance on the equipment too. After the materials are covered, give the steps that were taken one by one. It should be in a chronological sequence of events. Add every detail here about what was done during the experiment. However, be neutral in this overview of the details. This is about explaining the methodology that was used. 

Now the results and outcome are added to the research paper. You may need to add descriptions, as well as graphs and statistics too to clearly show your results. The results should be detailed, but not explained though. This is also where a discussion section can be added. These will be the results that came up while the experiment was taking place. It will cover the actions and workings of the experiment. Every hypothesis must be covered as well in the area

The last part of the research paper will be the works cited or references. This is required, as you must be able to show the additional materials that were used to complete your research. It will show the research you did and references you used while conducting and creating your experiment. There are many ways to cite this information and every teacher will be different, so it is best to find out how they want this section formatted. The sources should be listed alphabetically and be in the same format too.

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