Refund Policy

Our academic papers are of the highest quality calibre possible. We ensure its quality and hand over the same within the stipulated deadline to our clients. It’s not often that the quality of our work is not in accordance with the client’s brief or expectations. However, when that happens, we bring our Refund Policy into play, the details of which are listed here:

A. We make a refund to our clients under these circumstances:

  • When the writer does not deliver the order by the delivery date set by the client and he does not offer another delivery date.
  • The paper is copied in part or whole.
  • The writer does not follow the client’s instructions, and after his many requests, the writer still does not produce satisfactory revisions of the paper.

According to our policy, the client is well within his rights to have his money refunded within five days after the order is delivered to him. The legitimacy of his refund request is vetted by our Quality team and then processed within 10 working days. This team’s decision cannot be countered and is considered final. Before making a final payment, a 10% processing fee is deducted.

  1. Refund claims made within 12 hours of requesting an order attracts 20% deduction from the total fee paid.
  2. Refund claims made within 24 hours of requesting an order attracts 50% deduction from the total fee paid.
  3. Refund claims made within 36 hours of requesting an order attracts 75% deduction from the total fee paid.
  4. Refund claims made after 48 hours of requesting an order will not fetch a refund.

Revision Policy

  1. All clients are entitled to free revisions.
  2. If after a period of 10 days after the client receives the finished order he makes a request for revision, he will not be given free revisions.
  3. A free revision is only possible in cases where the original order is not changed.
  4. If after three revisions, the client is still not satisfied with the order, his request to pass on the revision order to another writer can be accepted.
  5. A client can initiate a valid legal dispute against the company if his order has gone through two rounds of revisions and he still remains dissatisfied.
  6. Each order for revision takes 12 hours at least, whether it is an urgent one or ordinary.
  7. To claim a refund, late delivery of the product to the client is not sufficient grounds.
  8. If a client argues over the order amount or the fee paid, revisions for his order will not be carried out.