Privacy Policy

Our client’s privacy is very important to us. We offer our visitors a full slew of security features to enhance their experience on our website. Through this policy, we explain how our data processes work and a client’s personal choice for the manner in which we gather data and use his personal details.

Goole is a third party seller of all data drawn from cookies that are sent to advertisements seen on our website. While using cookies, Google sends targeted advertisements to our visitors and others. The manner of following up with our clients while using cookie techniques remains in the realm of Google’s individual privacy policies.

Clients’ activities on our website are ably examined by third party advertisement systems. Though this may be seen in individual privacy policies, yet we lack the power over cookies that advertisers have.

When a visitor buys a product from our website, it is done using a credit card that is put through our secure server. Transaction done, all pertinent data is thrown out. We use the most modern protective technology defences to save our website from cyber fraud, so our website continues to be a repository of specific data. However, some fake credit card dealings using fake credit card information will always be passed on to the authorities in charge of it.

Visitors’ data on record

When a visitor logs in to our website, his time and date of visit and IP address are registered for future developments of the website. It also helps maintain the website, keep online logs of visitors’ activity on the website and putting together large chunks of details about visitors’ accessing the website that can be modified. All IP addresses found at our website are not always linked to a visitor’s personal data.

Alterations to our Privacy Policy

The rights to make changes to our Privacy Policy rest exclusively with us. If our visitors wish to be informed of our amendments, they should log in to our site periodically.