How to Write a Good Essay Introduction

Posted On August 18th, 2012

In this post we will tell you how to write a good essay, assignment or coursework introduction. We also run a custom essay writing service for students who want great essays written by our experts solely for them based on their exact rubric.

Today, writing an essay is a common task allocated to students. Some academic institutions decide if the student is eligible for the course by assessing the essays they submit. Such essays are called admission essays or personal statements. While writing an essay, a good essay introduction is quite important as it sets a background for things to come. Students choose a topic related to their course and conduct an in-depth research based on the topic if the topic is not given to them. Sometimes, for collecting enough information, they may have to carry out a wide research. However, they must be planned and organised with all the documents.

Writing essays is easy if you have the right skills. You should know how to manage time usefully. Before you write an essay, you must understand the method and structuring of essays. Generally, there are different types like narrative essay, expository, reflective, compare and contrast essay, etc. Depending upon the question, you can choose a type. However, all types of essays have a basic format. An introduction, conclusion and description are the three major parts of an essay. Description can be separated into different paragraphs. You must write the conclusion in the most concise manner. It is very important that the conclusion and introduction must be attractive.

When you write an introduction, you can adopt a different style to attract readers. When writing the introduction of an essay, there are no rules. You can start the essay in any form, which is attractive and creative. But there are certain criteria for writing an essay. You must pay attention to certain steps that must be followed and certain other steps that must be avoided in essay writing. For writing essays, specific formats are to be used, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago Turabian, etc. You must choose the format according to the guidelines given. The introduction must always be a connective link to the description and the rest of the essay. You can choose a style from the following styles. They are personal, academic, dialogue, dramatic, question, quotation, etc. An introductory paragraph should not be too long or short. That means, you must write it wisely.

There will be various pieces of information based on the topics to write, but you must not overload the introduction with all data though you have the tendency for that. Always select a line which is capable of creating a curiosity in the reader’s mind. You must not include a lot of information in one line of your introduction. It will not be effective. So try to include the basic points in the last sentence of your introduction. In brief, an introduction should be the best part that can create more readers to an essay.

When you write an essay you must take care of some facts. When writing college admission essays, try to bring innovation in the case of topics, styles, etc. The tutors would be reading hundreds of essays everyday from many students, and so it is important that your admission essay stands out, so if you take the usual topics and introduction styles, that will be repetitive and tutors may lose their interest. So in order to keep their interest throughout the essay, you can try new styles and topics. You can get guidance from tutors for the selection of topics for your custom essays.

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