How Much Does Assignment Expert Cost?

Posted On November 22nd, 2012

How Much Does an Assignment Expert Cost Anyways?

If you need some help with an assignment and you are wondering how much does an assignment exert cost, let us help you by giving you some pointers to help you get a good assignment and pay the right amount for it.

The academic writing market today is flooded with assignment writing services from all parts of the world. This industry has been traditionally ruled by a lot of foreign companies. Several companies from countries like Ukraine and Pakistan were quick to float their websites after they witnessed the ‘quick and easy’ success of a few, bigUK and US based competitors who were the pioneers of the essay writing industry that kicked off operations in the name of providing ‘sample assignments’ to students who desperately needed someone to understand their assignment tasks and deliver a high quality assignment that they could hand in as their own.

The industry was great back then as these few companies who had started operations were quality oriented and they had only a few customers to start with, so palpably the focus was on delivering high standard work. However, with the passage of time many other companies came up as the market grew and the number of customers increased. The industry quickly and smoothly took to the number game and that’s when all the trouble started. Today you have websites that can provide you different quotes for the same standard, level, and deadline of an assignment and the quotes can range from anywhere between 30-300 GBP per 1,000 words of writing at a particular level.

So How Much Does a Good and Efficient Assignment Expert Cost?

When you have a big range of pricing such as £30-300 GBP per 1,000 words by different assignment writing services all seemingly legitimate and attractive, how do you know which one to choose? This is a question that is asked by some of our customers who expressed to us why they were skeptical about choosing us when they approached us first.

The best answer is to avoid companies that are too aggressive on either side. Its not worth it if you end up spending 300 quids on 1000 words unless this piece of work is really important to you and could potentially change your life. Neither is it worth your time to pay £30 and then chase the service provider for ever and worry about missing your deadline or getting scrap in lieu of the money that you have payed. Obviously, which company you prefer over the long run is subjective and something that can only occur to you when you try a particular service. The idea is to try a few good looking, reasonably priced services with small, not so important assignments.

However, for the sake of answering the question raised in the topic; you should avoid any company that charges less than £40 per 1,000 words and more than £100 per 1,000 words because what they will never tell you is that anything less than £40 is not worth their whole hearted effort and time. They will however accept the assignment if you tell them you can only pay 30 or 25 because they know you are just giving them an easy way to scam you.

Remember, honest and legitimate companies never budge on pricing and would rather refuse a demand for an unreasonable discount than to not doing justice to your assignment. On the contrary, people who know they are anyway not going to put in much of an effort into you assignment will be happy even if they have to give you a flat 50% discount just to get you to order. 

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