What Guarantees Do We Offer?

Our services come with a few unbelievable guarantees. These guarantees make our services reliable and dependable.

1. 100% Originality Guarantee

Our writers’ team prepare original essays from scratch which contain information only from reliable sources. We are always confident that you will successfully pass the plagiarism check at your university. Even a 1% plagiarised content will get you a full refund with an additional £ 1000, if your problems persist. So in short, it is either a 100% no-plagiarism or a 100% money back guarantee.

2. The Deadline Guarantee

We completely understand the importance of the non-flexible deadlines. Not only do we provide you the deliverables well before the deadlines, but we also make sure that you have enough time to suggest necessary modifications. Under any circumstances if you are penalised for late submission, we guarantee a 100% money back. On top of that, you will receive your next two essays completely free of cost.

3. Real Time Update Guarantee

You do not have to wait till the date of final delivery to have a look at your essays. While the essay is still in progress, you can view a few pages and let the writers know about necessary changes. The real-time-update feature of our services enables you to view the actual status of your essays even before completion. This eliminates the endless hassles at the last moment when you have a lot of changes to propose, but have barely any time to do so.


Review And Feedback

You can check the progress of your essay anytime by logging in with your credentials. Check if the essay is progressing according to the original requirements and instructions. Should you require any modification, contact your supervisor and request a revision. You will receive e-mail notifications from your supervisor if some clarity of instructions or additional information is required. The final essay will be prepared based on your feedbacks.

5. Efficient Writers

We host a team of in-house professional writers who are either research workers, or retired professionals or industry experts. In our writers’ panel, you find people from every specialization. They are repositories of knowledge and produce authentic essays rich in useful and coherent content. Our writers evince unparalleled skills in writing any standard of essays in any writing style such as OSCOLA, MLA, APA etc.

6. Revision In Time Guarantee

Since you receive the final essays much before your deadlines, this allows you ample time to request revisions and modifications.

7. Native Writers

Although most of our writers are natives of the UK, we have teams of writers from other nations as well. Feel free to choose a writer from your own country if you are confident that he is acquainted with the relevant writing styles.


Transparent Price Policy Guarantee

As an ethical service provider we do not have hidden costs in the name of processing fee and taxes. The final price evaluated by the price calculator is the price you need to pay.

9. Confidentiality Guarantee

We are strict professionals. We do not ask for user information apart from the ones necessary for carrying out business transactions. Our company also assures complete confidentiality of customer information.

10. Complete Ownership Guarantee

Once you receive the essays, you acquire complete ownership and rights. The company will never claim copyright in future or sell the same essays to other customers.

11. Free Citations Guarantee

The writers relieve you of the hassles of inserting in-text citations and bibliography. They do so efficiently and exactly according to the writing format mentioned by you. You do not have to bear additional expenses for these features.


Quality Guarantee

The final essays are products of multiple revisions carried out by the writers themselves. The high qualities of these essays are ascribed to the authentic sources from which necessary information have been derived.

The most important guarantee we assure is the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which keeps us afloat in the competitive market.