Economic Impact of Social Utility Vehicles

Posted On August 18th, 2012

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Economic Impact of Social Utility Vehicles

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Through these research studies you acquire a lot of knowledge. Professional assignment help providers can suggest a list of relevant topics for your coursework. Actually, there are a lot of topics for you related to Economics coursework. You can select anything, which is comfortable for you. Here I would like to discuss some topic ideas for your Economics coursework. SUVs – Its economic impact: Are you a sports freak? Then SUVs will be your apt topic. Today Sports utility vehicles have a lot of demand among the sports freaks. SUVs are the popular vehicles for you to buy. These are very expensive as well as fuel consuming. However, in certain countries, there are strict rules against uncontrolled fuel emission. As the SUVs come under the rules, that may impact its selling rates. As a lot of people use SUVs in certain countries, a sudden decrease in selling rates may impact the economy. This is a good topic to discuss in your assignment. Subsidies for sports stadium There a lot of sport stadiums are built all over the world using government money. This money will be released in the form of stadium subsidies. There are certain aims behind the construction of such sport stadiums. You can have a discussion about the positive impacts of sport stadiums and the way these increase the revenue of the government. You can explain the benefits which a sport stadium brings to a town, or the positive and negative effects of spending stadium subsidies on the country’s economy, etc. The impact of dividend and tax cut Dividend tax has an important role in deciding a country’s economic balance. As the part of refreshing the policies, government may change the tax policies. So it is a good topic of discussion. The tax cutting policies will have a strong impact on the stock markets, and bond market. This impact can be pointed out. You can also discuss about the people who get benefits from such policies. Kyoto protocol As a part of ‘going green’ venture, in 1997, Kyoto protocol was created. Many countries signed in this protocol. This is an agreement which is supposed to reduce the emission of three greenhouse gases in order to protect the environment. However, after few years, there many changes have happened that pulled down the importance of this protocol. You can give emphasis on the economic effect of Kyoto protocol in the detailed manner.

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