Dissertation Research Methodology

Posted On August 17th, 2012

Dissertation writing is an art, as it requires good knowledge and skills. The dissertation writing procedure is very different from that of essay writing. You must have an ability to conduct in-depth research on the given topic. By now, you might have already come across terms such as research proposal, introduction, objectives, and conclusion, but what is research methodology in dissertation writing? It’s very simple to explain. Dissertation research methodology is about finding out ways and means of conducting research by using different techniques. It helps you in telling, how a researcher would wish to move ahead with his or her study? The word ‘method’ implies ‘techniques’ that are used to gather related information from various reliable sources. 

Writing dissertation research methodology is not just researching or knowing the techniques, but the procedures should be integrated to acquire information. The entire process of research methodology includes a few steps i.e. identifying the appropriate techniques (Random / Cluster Sampling Methods) for your research, conversing why you have chosen a specified procedure and selecting the most appropriate statistical formulas to use. The main objective of any research methodology is to attract readers and present them the reliable data, which is informative and clear.

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