Dissertation Recommendations and Conclusion

Posted On August 17th, 2012

Dissertation writing for many students is easy, but when they reach the last part i.e. writing dissertation conclusion and recommendations; they unknowingly make mistakes that hamper the whole dissertation. Dissertation recommendations and conclusion is the part that explains briefly how good the student has done on their dissertation. Just by reading a few lines of this part, one can conclude if the quality of effort behind writing the dissertation has been up to expected levels or not. The final part of the dissertation must include valid recommendations with a meaningful conclusion and the recommendations must add value to the existing literature on the subject, if any. Conclusion should point out the best ways to deal with the problem statement and should guide a novice in the right direction. The pattern for writing any dissertation is given below:

Although students can mention their views on the conducted research and put-forth the facts or key findings in an understandable way, the recommendations and conclusion are always written in the thesis after the body of your research paper and then the bibliography page follows. 

Many assignment help services also offer help with dissertations, but one must remember that ss each part of your dissertation requires conclusion, it must carry its own peculiarities for the consideration. Ensure to throw light for the readers on every part or chapter of your dissertation touching upon different aspects and key findings that were identified or realized. The writer should understand that the conclusion is a mere compilation of the entire thesis, thus, it must be written and presented well and should intend to summarise each of the chapters. We offer dissertation help strictly keeping in mind all these things so that you get what you expected

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