Cookies Or Text Files

Any visitor entering our website has text files called cookies stored on his computer. These cookies work around his online needs and allow him to have an enriching browsing experience of our website. If he stays long on our website, these cookies help him use our website optimally.
Our visitors may manage their cookies or delete them from their computers. If disabled, clients will not be able to view our website perfectly.

The Cookies We Use:

Session Cookies

These cookies remain stored on the computer of visitors until they close their browser. These cookies are reminders to visitors of their visit on an earlier page.

Persistent Cookies

These cookies stay even beyond the time that our visitors close their browser.

Functions Of Our Cookies

We use cookies to process order forms. With cookies disabled, our sevices will not be open to clients.

Why We Use Cookies

  • To bear on our visitors that they are about to make an online purchase.
  • To remind visitors that they have accessed our website.
  • To track whether a visitor is using our online plagiarism checker.
  • To increase the user experience, our cookies:

  • Provide visitors with help and advice on a dedicated chat line.
  • Using Google Analytics to track visitors’ online activity.

Third Party Use Of Cookies

When a visitor makes an online purchase of our products or services, cookies are used. If third parties are not involved in any stage of preparing the order for a client, they will not be given any personal data pertaining to the client.

Managing Cookies

If visitors to our website disable our cookies on their device, our website will not work as well. If they want to block cookies, they should do so with their computer settings.